Mike Wolfe

Mike Wolfe from American Pickers

Mike Wolfe’s Story

Mike Wolfe is a collector, a television star, and a true picker of rusty gold. He’s been made famous from his television show American Pickers that is on The History Chanel but he’s been picking antiques of all kinds for years. His picking interested started at a young age and as we understand it has never died down.

Beyond his love of picking Mike is also a huge motorcycle nut and is widely known for his motorcycle collection of Indians and various British bikes.  The same can be said of his early bicycle collection and even of his love of Volkswagen’s.  For a long time Mike has been driving a Single Cab VW Bus but recently picked up a VW Panel Van and a 63 split-window Bug.  Each one of these original VW’s are treasures by themselves.

Outside of Mike’s television show he has his Le Claire Iowa store and also a Nashville store which he recently opened.  He not married but he’s been with his girlfriend for over 10 years and they recently had a little girl.

Mike Wolfe’s Early 50’s Ford F1

Mike Wolfe Ford F100

Mike Wolfe’s 62 VW Panel Van

Mike Wolfe's Volkswagen panel van

Mike Wolfe's VW Kombi Van

Mike Wolfe blue VW Panel Van
Photo Credit: Jessica Wardell and Bright Idea

Mike Wolfe's Volkswagen panel van

Mike Wolfe Driveway in Tennesse

Mike Wolfe’s VW Single Cab

Mike Wolfe Single Cab VW Transporter

Mike Wolfe's Volkswagen Single Cab Transporter van

Mike Wolfe's Volkswagen single cab van

Mike Wolfe’s 53 VW Bug

Mike Wolfe 53 VW Bug

Mike Wolfe's VW Bug
Mike’s bug on the back roads of Iowa.  Source: Mike Wolfe’s WhoSay

Mike Wolfe’s Motorcycles

Mike’s 1948 Indian Chief
Mike Wolfe 1948 indian chief

Mike Wolfe's Indian Motorcycle
Mike’s 1934 Harley VL
Mike Wolfe 1934 Harley VL
Mike Wolfe Indian Motorcycles

Mike’s 1941 Knucklehead Motorcycle
Mike Wolfe Red Motorcycle

Mike wolfe 1941 knuckelhead

Mike’s 1913 HD
Mike Wolfe 1913 Harley Davidson

Mike’s 1912 Indian
Mike Wolfe 1912 Indian

Mike Wolfe on a Rusty Motorcycle

Mike’s 1913 Indian Racer
Mike Wolfe 1913 Indian Racer Motorcycle

Mike’s BSA Salt Flat Racer
This motorcycle was designed for racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 1970’s
Mike Wolfe BSA Salt Flat Racer

Motorcycle photos from Antique Archaeology website.

Photos of Mike Wolfe

Mike’s motorcycle icon wrist tattoo from a design he saw in an old motorcycle magazine.
Mike Wolfe wrist tattoo

Mike with Danielle Colby and his brother.
Mike Wolfe with Danielle Colby

Mike Wolfe hanging out in the back of his VW van

Mike Wolfe hanging out in the back of his VW van.

Videos of Mike Wolfe