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Mel B’s New Cadillac Escalade

Mel B has her fair share of sweet rides. We’ve seen her in everything from a Ferrari California to her Bentley Continental, and now she’s upgraded her older matte black Cadillac Escalade for this new Escalade ESV.

Photos (Zimbio)

Spotted: Mel B In A Ferrari California

Mel B’s been spending a lot of time in the states with her latest gig as a judge on America’s Got Talent. She was most recently spotted stepping into the passenger seat of a Ferrari California in Beverly Hills. I guess when you’re Mel B even your friends have sweet cars.

Mel B Ferrari California Mel B Ferrari

Photo Source: Zimbio

Shout out to William!

Spotted: Mel B In A Range Rover

Former Spice Girl and current America’s Got Talent judge, Mel B was spotted getting into a Range Rover in Los Angeles recently.  Unfortunately this Rover’s really not as nice as her black Bentley or blacked out Escalade.

Mel B Range Rover

Photo Source: Zimbio

Caption This – Mel B Stops For Gas In A Bentley

Cameras caught former Spice Girl, Mel B and her husband stopping to fill up their Bentley Continental GTC recently.

Mel B Bentley Mel-B-Bentley-Continental

Shout out to Finland for the photo tip!

Mel B Hoping In A Sick Escalade

Most of my readers know I’m a sucker for completely blacked out cars and a murdered-out Escalade is really the way to do it. The only better is a murdered-out G-Wagon from Platinum Motorsport but enough of that.

Here we see Mel B hoping into an Escalade after a nice gym work-out.

Mel B in a murdered out Escalade

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