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Did Alex Rodriguez Pick Up A Ferrari?

This photo was recently taken outside Alex Rodriguez’s home in Florida and it’s hard to tell if he’s walking up to the Ferrari with a set of keys or if someone’s already in the car. What do you think? Did A-Rod pick up a Ferrari 575 Maranello?

Rumor is that he already has a new blonde in his life so why not pick up a Ferrari while he’s at it…

Alex Rodriguez Ferrari

Kris Jenner Hits The Streets Of NYC In A Maybach

First it was Scott and now it’s Kris. A few weeks ago we spotted Scott Disick (sorry for even mentioning the name) out in a Maybach and now Kris Kardashian Jenner is in town and riding around in the same Maybach. What would Kris Jenner do if she didn’t have money??

Kris Jenner Maybach

Scott Disick Runs Around NYC In A Maybach

Scott Disick was spotted in a Maybach recently while running from what we’re sure was one “important business meeting” to the next. Since that’s what he does all day right?

Scott Disick Maybach

Will Smith: Maybach vs. Curb

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were spotted running around Malibu in their super sexy black Maybach 57s recently. Problem is, Will seemed to have a little trouble with the door.

Not cool: Ripping apart your Maybach door on the concrete sidewalk.

Cool: Being able to laugh it off cause you have so much money you can fix anything. Or hell, just by a new one…

Will Smith Maybach 57S

Curb – 1 Maybach – 0

Will Smith Maybach 57S

Source: X17 Online

Jay-Z And Kanye’s “Otis” Video: Who Needs A Top On A Maybach?

Chop the top off a Maybach and you’ll make heads turn, people talk, and video views sore. Jay-Z and Kanye West’s much anticipated “Otis” video directed by Spike Jonze has dropped and it’s making headlines all over. The chopped up, tin fender “specially customized”(?) Maybach will be auctioned off and all proceeds will be donated to the East African Drought. Move over Birdman, Jay-Z and Kanye know how to chop the top on a Maybach.

We want Jay-Z’s snapback bad…



Also, where’s Aziz Ansari??