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Steve Jobs Drives A Mercedes SL55

While a bunch of people were freaking out as to why Steve Jobs is rocking no license plate and wondering the meaning of the barcode in the same place as the license plate, any true car enthusiast knows that many new cars come with barcodes scattered about the entire vehicle.

Well to us, we would rather ask why does Steve Jobs drive a Mercedes SL55? God knows he can afford a nicer car and that Mercedes has a few nicer rides the Mercedes SL55. I bet “The Woz” isn’t driving a SL55…

Steve Jobs Mercedes SL55

[Source Jalopnik]

Bad Day for Diddy in the Maybach

Picture this, you are at a fancy night club and your Maybach is right out front, perfectly safe right? Well not when a freak DUI/pass out occurs and your Maybach is slammed into by a Rolls Royce being piloted by a passed out celebrity.

Well, this wild story is true as luck would have it if your name is Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, P Diddy, or Diddy as his Maybach was rear-ended out site of a swank night club up in NYC.

Check out Diddy’s Maybach after being rear-ended by the Rolls Royce Phantom!
Diddy's Maybach

Diddy's Maybach Up Close

[Source: TMZ]