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Lindsay Lohan Flaunts Her Maserati

Lindsay Lohan sure loves to parade her driving rights again, she can’t stop going places with her Maserati! A Maserati is definitely too much luxury for a felon with two DUIs, even of you’re one of the hottest celebrities on Earth.

Lindsay Lohan Maserati

Lindsay Lohan is Driving Again– In a Maserati!

It seems like DMV has lost its mind giving a 2-time DUI felon (a.k.a Lindsay Lohan) her license back. Seen going to a doctor’s appointment driving an ultra-luxe Maserati, it looks like she’s happy to get back on the road again… much to the horror of traffic enforcers and Los Angeles in general.

Lindsay Lohan  In a Maserati

Lindsay Lohan Drives Again

Buy Lindsay Lohan’s Maserati on eBay

Apparently the same car that was towed away from Lindsay Lohan only a few days ago is now for sale on eBay. No idea what the story is here but if you know please inform us!

Lindsay Lohan’s Maserati on eBay

Why Is Lindsay Lohan’s Maserati Always In Trouble

It seems like Lindsay Lohan and her Maserati are always in trouble. Maybe she just needs to get a Prius.

Why Is Lindsay Lohan’s Maserati Always In Trouble
Source: TMZ

Proof, Lindsay Lohan Can’t Drive

We’ve all seen the wrecks that she’s been in but I think this latest parking job of Lindsay’s straight up shows that she can not drive.

Lindsay, please turn over the keys!
Lindsay Lohan Can't Park Her Maserati Properly