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TMZ is Excited to See Kayne, We’re Excited to See Kanye’s Maserati

After a quick peak over at TMZ.com I couldn’t help but notice that while they are reporting that Kayne was spotted in Hollywood, I would rather report that Kayne has been spotted in a Masarati Quattroporte. Kayne, I am very pleased to see that your style in close is echoed in your style in cars, job well done!

We're Excited to See Kanye's Maserati

Photo courtesy of TMZ.com

50 Cent in a Maserati MC12

It’s unconfirmed who owns this specific Maserati MC12 that 50 Cent was spotted driving but either way it makes me overly jealous! Stay tuned to see 50’s Murcielago!

50 Cent Maserati MC12