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Mark Zuckerberg To Buy Pagani Huayra

I’m getting tips telling me that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has dropped a deposit on a Pagani Huayra. ¬†For a guy that has been driving a Honda Fit and Acura TSX around, I find this a little hard to believe.

Do you believe it?

Mark Zuckerberg Honda Fit

Source: GT Spirit

So When Will Mark Zuckerberg Buy His First Big Boy Car?

Mark Zuckerberg Bentley

Mark Zuckerberg is a happy man today but I have to ask, when is he going to hop out in a sick car to match his thick wallet?

If you were Zuck, what would you buy and why?

I’d say a Bentley Mulsanne or an Audi R8.

Mark Zuckerberg – When, Where, Why?

We’ve got no idea but in our recent never ending search of Mark Zuckerberg actually driving a car we stumbled across this photo. Anyone know the back story? That’s a pretty clean “Conti”.

Mark Zuckerberg - When, Where, Why?

This Is What Mark Zuckerberg Should Be Driving

So I’ve been chasing this story for a while and all I want is a image of Mark Zuckerberg and his Infiniti. With his recent publicity because of the Social Network movie he has been in the tabloids a bunch but not in his car. As we noted a couple days ago his girl friend, Priscilla Chan drives a Acura TSX but this is not his car.

So with that said we need your help finding a picture of Mark Zuckerberg and his car. Seriously, we want a picture. (YO JALOPNIK, CAN WE GET SOME HELP!)

And while we’re at it let’s decide what Marck Zuckerberg should be driving, after all he is a billionaire.

Here is my vote.
Mark Zuckerberg in a Bentley

Mark Zuckerberg gets toted around in his gf’s Acura TSX

So we’re still trying to confirm what model Infiniti Mark Zuckerberg drives but here we seeing him being toted around in his gf’s Acura TSX.

Mark Zuckerberg Acura TSX