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Justin Bieber Takes Delivery Of a New Ferrari

Rumor has it, Justin Bieber took delivery of a new black Ferrari 458 Spider at his Los Angeles home over the weekend. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what he does with this one. My guess is that it wont stay like this for long judging by the different looks his other Ferrari 458 Italia has had so far.

Justin Bieber Ferrari

(Photo: gtspirit.com)

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Justin Bieber Switches Things Up

From the looks of it, Justin Bieber felt like it was time for a change and decided to switch his Ferrari 458 from white to matte blue recently. The Biebs was spotted driving his new blue Ferrari around Los Angeles last week. What color do you like more, the white on white or this new blue on black?

Justin Bieber Ferrari

Justin Bieber Ferrari

Photos: X17Online

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Can You Guess Who Is Responsible For Bieber’s Leopard Print R8?

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Justin Bieber Audi R8
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Lil’ Twist Borrows Justin Bieber’s Rover

Just a couple weeks ago, Justin Bieber’s friend Lil’ Twist was driving around in Bieber’s Fisker Karma and got into a little fender bender. This week Lil’ Twist was spotted driving Bieber’s Range Rover to a gas station in Los Angeles. I guess Justin Bieber is a pretty forgiving friend. That or he knows if something really unfortunate happens he can just buy another Rover.

Lil Twist Justin Bieber Range Rover

Video: Justin Bieber Driving His Audi R8

Last time I checked, Justin Bieber wasn’t the President or anything, so what’s with the entourage? Seriously, if he doesn’t want the attention then maybe he shouldn’t have bought a Leopard print Audi R8… there’s a thought.

Check out the video below of Bieber leaving Miley Cyrus’ house in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber Audi R8

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