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We’ll give you one guess who’s getting a ticket

Now can you guess how fast he was going?
Bieber getting pulled over

Why Does Justin Bieber Need A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter?

It’s not like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have eight children or anything. Justin and Selena were spotted heading to the movies in Justin’s customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van this weekend.

Maybe this is what the kids are into these days??

Justin Bieber Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Justin Bieber Mercedes Benz

Justin Bieber’s Blacked-Out Smart Car

What. A. Dork.

Justin Bieber was spotted leaving a Ducati dealership in Los Angeles yesterday and hopping into his blacked-out Smart Car. This is one car we never expected to see “The Biebs” driving. Maybe his Fisker Karma has made him more conscious about getting better gas mileage or something? He even replaced the “Smart Car” badge with “Swag Car”…really Justin?

What do you think about Bieber’s blacked-out Smart car?

Justin Bieber Smart Car

Justin Bieber Wraps His Fisker Karma In Chrome

We figured it wouldn’t be long before Justin Bieber would do something to the Fisker Karma he received as a birthday gift from his manager recently but a chrome wrap from West Coast Customs is honestly the last thing we would’ve expected.

The Fisker Karma looked good before he turned it into this cheap looking aluminum can.  All we can say is that when Justin see’s the Karma that 503 Motoring is working on he’ll be thinking twice.

And if’ we’re not mistaken are those are led light-strips on the bottom side of the car. What are your thoughts on this?

Justin Bieber Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber Fisker

Justin Bieber Fisker Karma


Justin Bieber Gets A Fisker Karma For His Birthday

Justin Bieber celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday by stopping by the Ellen DeGeneres show. Little did he know, his manager was there to surprise him with a brand new black Fisker Karma. Of course, Ellen had a few extras for the car.

Justin Biebers Fisker Karma

Check out the video below.