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Spotted: Halle Berry And Oliver Martinez Take A Ride

Halle Berry and boyfriend Oliver Martinez were spotted taking a ride on the wild side with Oliver’s Harley. Halle left lunch with Oliver and hopped onto the back of his Harley Davidson outside a Los Angeles restaurant.

Don’t you think she looks pretty good on the back of a Harley? We do! Always a nice change of pace from the Lexus.

Halle Berry Oliver Martinez Harley Davidson












Halle had her helmet on while walking down the sidewalk. Talk about safety first.


Halle Berry Harley Davidson


Suge Knight’s Truck Caught By The Cops

Former rap mogul Suge Knight found himself in a tricky situation with the Beverly Hills PD yesterday. Suge was pulled over in his black Ford F-150 Harley Davidson truck for allegedly driving with a suspended license. Suge was not arrested, however his truck was impounded so he had to hitch a ride home (how embarrassing). Hopefully he will show up for court this time so he doesn’t get arrested like he did last year!

Suge Knight Ford F150 Harley Davidson

Source: TMZ

Halle Berry’s Man is a Biker Too

Aside from his gorgeous classic Aston Martin, Olivier Martinez has a Harley Davidson in his garage. Looks like Halle is into the rugged man type!

halle berry's boyfriend drives a harley