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Heidi Klum’s A Biker Chick Now?

Heidi Klum was spotted jumping onto the back of her boyfriend’s Harley Davidson recently. Who thought we’d ever spot Heidi on a motorcycle!?

Heidi Klum Harley Davidson Heidi-Klum-Motorcycle

Spotted: Jesse Metcalfe On His Harley

A Jesse Metcalfe fan recently spotted Jesse on his Harley Davidson in Hollywood, snapped this pic and then shared it with Jesse on Twitter. Nice work on the spy shot!

Jesse Metcalfe Harley Davidson

Thanks to Kylin for the tip (we’re waiting on your Zuckerberg tip next)!!

Halle Berry Gets A Surprise While Riding In A Navigator

Halle Berry was on her way to the airport in a Lincoln Navigator recently when her boyfriend Oliver Martinez made a surprise stop next to her on his Harley Davidson.

Halle Berry Lincoln Navigator Oliver Martinez Harley Davidson

Spotted: Matt LeBlanc On His Harley

Matt LeBlanc gets ready to jump on his Harley Davidson after having lunch with a friend in Los Angeles recently. We think he pulls of the biker look pretty well, don’t you?

Matt LeBlanc Harley Davidson

Zach Braff Posts Up On His Harley Davidson

Zach Braff takes a moment to make sure his helmet is just right before taking off on his Harley Davidson. With spring in full effect now we can probably expect to see more and more celebrities out on their bikes (and by bikes we mean bad ass motorcycles, not those little beach cruisers).

Zach Braff Harley Davidson

Lets just hope we don’t see any wreaks like we did a few years ago with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Hopefully everyone has their motorcycle insurance this season!