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Gwen’s Last Minute Shopping With Her Range Rover

Gwen Stefani did a little last minute shopping at Toys R Us  in Los Angeles and she brought her Range Rover with her. She must  be cooking some big surprises for her boys!

Gwen Stefani Does Mommy Dates in a Range Rover

Gwen Stefani and her son Kingston were spotted hopping out of a blacked-out Range Rover.  Looks like she’s rolling on 22’s.  I’m guessing HREs.

Gwen Stefani Does Mommy Dates in a Range Rover

Gwen and Gavin’s Maserati Quattroporte

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani seems to be enjoying a pleasant afternoon with their son Zuma and their glossy Maserati Quattroporte. This car is becoming a mainstay in the garages of the biggest names in Hollywood! No wonder it’s the next big celebrity car!

Gwen and Gavin Maserati Quattroporte

Source: X17 Online

Gwen Stefani Takes the Boys to a Birthday Party in Her Range Rover

The rock and roll mama took his two adorable spawns Zuma and Kingston to a birthday party in Malibu via her sturdy black Range Rover. She is accompanied by a baby sitter and her husband Gavin Rossdale. This couple is nuts for birthday parties!

gwen stefani takes kids to a birthday party in a range rover

Daddy Rossdale Takes the Family Out in the Wagon

Just another day in paradise for Gwen, Gavin, and Family while they run around LA in their Mercedes Benz R Class.  Now I must admit that I’m not the hugest fan of the R Class but when you need to haul around the kids and Maybach and Bentley don’t have a van I guess this is what you get!

Gavin Rossdale in his Mercedes Benz R Class

Gavin, maybe you should black out that R Class?