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Last Weeks Guess Who – Gwen Stefani

Last weeks “Guess Who” was Gwen Stefani with her Range Rover.

Gwen Stefani Range Rover Gwen Stefani

(Photos: Zimbio)

Gwen Stefani: School Drop-Off In The G-Wagon

Gwen Stefani dropped the kids off at school in their Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon recently. Gwen and Gavin have so many cars you never know what they’re going to be driving. What one’s your favorite?

Gwen Stefani Mercedes Benz G55

Gwen Stefani Gets Trapped In Her G-Wagon

Looks like Gwen Stefani got trapped inside her Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon over the weekend!

Gwen Stefani Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Gwen Stefani Spends The Weekend In A G-Wagon

Gwen Stefani and the whole family showed up to a friends house this weekend in a silver Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. Must be nice to have so many different SUV’s to choose from all the time.

Gwen Stefani Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Gwen Stefani Steps Out In A New Porsche Panamera

Looks like Gwen Stefani’s traded in her Maserati for a new black Porsche Panamera. Gwen was spotted heading to lunch with her new Porsche in Hollywood recently. We might not love the look of the Panamera but we have to say it’s a better choice then the Maserati. What do you think?

Gwen Stefani Porsche Panamera