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French Montana Gets Another New Rolls Royce

Looks like French Montana has a thing for Rolls Royce’s because he’s just added another one to his ever growing collection! His latest addition is none other than a black Ghost. The last Rolls we saw that he had purchased was a white Wraith, so I guess he wanted to balance out his lineup a bit with a sedan. I honestly didn’t realize that French does so well for himself financially, but he’s clearly in the upper echelon if he’s got a fleet of Rolls Royce’s!

French Montana Rolls

Source: Instagram

French Montana, P. Diddy, i8’s, and Private Jets

Not everyone’s birthday involves a BMW i8, a private jet, and P. Diddy but French Montana’s did. French shared a photo of himself and Diddy on the tarmac with a P.J. and French’s i8 in the background. Must. Be. Nice.

French Montana BMW i8
Photo (@frenchmontana)

French Montana Picks Up a New BMW i8

French Montana has a new BMW i8 sitting in his garage now and he’s pretty excited about it. French shared a video of his new i8 as it was being delivered to the dealer recently as well as multiple photos including one before the drive to Coachella this past weekend.

French Montana BMW i8

Photo/Video (@frenchmontana)

French Montana’s Throws Some Wheels on his Wraith

Late last year, French Montana picked up a new Rolls Royce Wraith and just recently he took it to the guys at Giovanna Wheels. Here’s a photo of the final product. We’re fans of keeping things stock when it comes to Rolls Royce’s so we like the before look more but what do you think?

French Montana Rolls Royce Wraith
Photo (@frenchmontana)

French Montana Cops a Rolls Royce Wraith

Rapper, French Montana added a new Rolls Royce Wraith to his garage over the holidays. I’m not sure what else he has in his car collection but a while ago he bought Chad Ochocino’s matte grey Rolls Royce Phantom, only to sell it just a month later. The Wraith is definitely a good choice and I’m liking the white. Hopefully he’ll hang on to it longer than the last Rolls.

French Montana Rolls Royce Wraith
Source: (frenchmontana)

Shout out to CeeBang for the tip!