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What Type Of Celeb Would Own This

Sometimes we see a car and we say “Would you look at that?”

But in this situation we actually asked ourselves who would own that damn thing…

So give us your best guess, who would own this lime green BMW 6-Series?

Oh, and if you want to buy this thing it’s for sale on eBay!

Floyd Mayweather’s Maybach For Sale On eBay

Get your checkbooks out people! Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather’s 2006 Maybach 57 is listed on for sale on eBay through Eurocar Inc.

Floyd Mayweather Maybach 57

The car has a custom $30,000 one of a kind Mystic Pearl white exterior with tan nappa leather interior as well as navigation, rear curtains, rear entertainment with controls, heated seats, Bose premium sound, tinted windows and so much more. There’s been 18 bids so far and the current bid is at $140,000.

Floyd Mayweather Maybach 57

Question is, how much would you pay to own a piece of pure luxury?! Check out all the details on eBay.




David Beckham’s Turbo Is Back On eBay!

Grab your checkbooks ladies and gentlemen! The “2008 Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet previously by a very famous English international soccer star” has been listed on eBay again…hmm, wonder who that could be?!

David Beckham Porsche 911 Turbo

David Beckham’s Porsche is located at Chequered Flag in Los Angeles however, unlike the first listing, all bidders must be pre approved before placing a bid on the car. Wonder how much the winning bid will be this time!

Barrett-Jackson Brought Out The Celebrities

Sunday is always a real big day at Barrett-Jackson and the celebrities tend to show up, kiss babies, snap some photos and maybe even buy a car.

Here are some celebrities that were at Barrett-Jackson.  Courtesy of the Barrett-Jackson Facebook Page.

Bill Goldberg at Barret-Jackson

Bill Goldberg at Barret-Jackson

Tim Allen at Barret-Jackson

Tim Allen at Barret-Jackson

Richard Petty at Barrett-Jackson

Richard Petty at Barrett-Jackson

How Much Did Beckham’s Car Sell For on eBay

So if you’ve been following the story you probably already know that a few days ago the eBay auction ended for David Beckham’s 911 Porsche Turbo. The winning bid was $217,100! Unfortunately though it sounds like the winning bidder didn’t end up coming through.

The car is still available from Chequered Flag in LA!