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David Arquette Keeps It Cool In His Monte Carlo

David Arquette kept it retro fresh as he stepped into his old school Monte Carlo recently. Which one of David’s rides would you roll? His Monte Carlo or Studebaker Avanti?

David Arquette Monte Carlo

Last Weeks Guess Who/Guess What: David Arquette

Some of you got it right and some were really close.

Last weeks Guess Who/Guess What was David Arquette getting into his 75′ Chevrolet Monte Carlo. David sure can rock the classic look better than most people out there don’t you think? Wonder how good he’ll be at ballroom dancing…

David Arquette Chevrolet Monte Carlo

David Arquette Chevrolet Monte Carlo

David Arquette Chevrolet Monte Carlo

David Arquette Has A Run In With The Meter Maid

Not many people are driving around in Studebaker Avanti’s these days but somehow David Arquette can pull it off.

David Arquette Avanti

Even with an embarrassing parking ticket on the windshield.

David Arquette Avanti

David Arquette Goes Hybrid With A Lexus

David Arquette ditched his vintage Avanti for the day and kept it green with a Lexus GS Hybrid while he stopped by a store on Melrose. The GS Hybrid is a great car but it probably doesn’t beat Courtney’s BMW Active Hybrid 7. Which one do you like better?

David Arquette Lexus GS Hybrid

David Arquette Keeps It Vintage In His Avanti

David Arquette was recently spotted jumping out of his vintage Studebaker Avanti convertible before a Lakers game. David’s definitely good at pulling of the vintage look. Would you rock David’s Avanti?

David Arquette Studebaker Avanti Convertible