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Ice-T and Coco Throw Some Chrome on Their Rolls Royce

As if the chrome wheels weren’t enough, Coco and Ice-T just had the hood of their Rolls Royce Ghost wrapped in chrome as well. I might actually like it if the trim wasn’t chrome and it was just the hood.



Photo (@coco)

Ice T Rolls Royce

Photo (@exoticsrally)


Coco’s New Candy Apple Range Rover

Ice T’s wife, Coco picked up the brand new Range Rover and Ice T shared a photo of the “candy apple” SUV sitting next to his matching “candy apple” Bentley Continental GT on Instagram. What do you think of this candy apple red? I’m not a huge fan of it on the Bentley but it’s not bad on the Rover.

Ice T Coco Cars

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Coco Austin – Baby Got Back

Ice-T and Coco were spotted getting into a Rolls Royce Ghost in L.A. earlier this week.

Source (Zimbio)

Ice Loves Coco – And His Rolls Royce Too

Ice T and Coco recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by buying an “iced out” Rolls Royce Ghost. By “iced out” we mean white on white with some 22″ chrome wheels that are so flashy you’ll feel the need to fist pump or something. Check out the video of Ice showing off his new ride and picking it up for the first time. It’s disgusting…




Matt Farah Huggin Up on Coco

There is a lot of things we could say about this photo but instead we’ll keep our mouths shut….   (just kidding, jump to comments)

Matt Farrah hugging up Coco.