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Josh Altman’s 1967 Chevelle

I’m a fan of Million Dollar Listing so I tend to keep track of what these guys are up to and when Josh Altman recently shared his 67 Chevelle on Instagram, I came to realize he has horrible taste in cars.  Josh’s other cars include a Shelby Cobra (likely a replica) and a Fisker karma.

And to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Chevelle with a worse paint job.

Josh Altman 67 Chevelle

Source: Instagram

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Blacked Out Suburban

We’ve never actually seen Cuba Gooding Jr. driving himself around town but just a couple weeks ago, Cuba was spotted getting out of his blacked out Chevy Suburban in Hollywood. Nice wheels!

Source (Zimbio)

Rob Dyrdek: Murdered Out Everything

When you’re rolling in a “murdered out street jet” Chevy Suburban, your shoes better match. Drydek shared a photo of his newest murdered out colorway DC Shoe against his street jet on Instagram recently.

Rob Dyrdek Suburban

Source (@robdyrdek)

Joel Madden’s New Chevy C10

Joel Madden’s usually running around in brand new A8’s and S-Classes but earlier this week, Joel switched gears and picked up a Chevy C10 from a customs shop out in Ohio. The C10 seems like something his brother Benji would like but according to Joel’s Instagram caption, the C10 has actually been one of his dream cars since he was a kid.

Joel Madden Chevy C10

Source (@joelmadden)

Tyga Buys The Forgiato Donk

Tyga’s cars are usually pretty outrageous so I guess it’s no surprise he would want to add this donk to the lineup. Forgiato recently shared a photo of Tyga sitting on his new Chevrolet Impala with 26″ Forgiato Maglia-ECL’s.  I’m sure it wont be long before he has his pet tiger riding shotgun.

Tyga Impala

Source (@forgiato)