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Paul McCartney Drives Around In A Corvette

Paul McCartney was spotted getting into a blue Chevy Corvette outside a Beverly Hills hotel over the weekend. Never thought we’d see McCartney behind the wheel of a Corvette!

Paul McCartney Chevy Corvette

Kyle Massey’s Chevelle SS

When you start out from such a young age as a childhood actor on channels like Disney I think it’s mandatory for you to lash out and do things that make you look like you are a bad boy when you get older.  Case and point is Kyle Massey muggin’ in front of his Chevelle SS.

Kyle Massey Chevelle-SS

Thanks for Kylin for the reader tip!

What Is Tim Allen Driving?

Tim Allen was spotted cruising around Los Angeles and stopping for coffee in one of his classic rides. Cna you tell what it is? Whatever it is, it’s customized. What’s your best guess?

Tim Allen Chevrolet

Tim Allen Chevy

George Clooney Can Pull Off Anything – Including This Corvette

George Clooney took his classic Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1 convertible out for a spin this weekend. We love it when we spot celebrities in classic rides! What do you think of Clooney’s Corvette?

George Clooney Chevrolet Corvette

George Clooney Chevrolet Corvette

Gary Payton’s Throwback Camaro

Looks like G.P. was rolling tough back in the day! Gary Payton posted this photo on his Instagram of his old 1967 Chevy Camaro for ‘Throw Back Thursday’ earlier this week.

Gary Payton 67 Camaro