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Tyga Buys The Forgiato Donk

Tyga’s cars are usually pretty outrageous so I guess it’s no surprise he would want to add this donk to the lineup. Forgiato recently shared a photo of Tyga sitting on his new Chevrolet Impala with 26″ Forgiato Maglia-ECL’s.  I’m sure it wont be long before he has his pet tiger riding shotgun.

Tyga Impala

Source (@forgiato)

4 Responses to Tyga Buys The Forgiato Donk

  1. CrazyMTF says:

    Nice cat ugly rims thoe he has ti get them in chrome. Also he bought Kobe Bryants lowrider also he showed on his instagram vid.

  2. Yeezus Christ says:

    that looks pretty ghey

    this dude has woat taste in cars

  3. long says:

    That’s ugly…

  4. ThatGuyAndDude says:

    Agree with CrazyMTF – Get them chromed. If he isn’t going to chrome them then the rest of the car should be matte. Personally not my style but I guess that’s because I don’t have the money to blow that this guy does.

    P.S. – the tiger was taken away and he faces legal problems from it

    Source : http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/25/tyga-tiger-wildlife-animal-shelter-criminal-charge/

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