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Kickin’ It To The Curb – David Beckham Style

David Beckham in His Porsche Turbo 911 CabUPDATE: David Beckham’s Porsche Turbo For Sale on eBay!

As for as I know David Beckham still plays for the LA Galaxy but in general I feel both he and Victoria have done a good job dodging the paps and laying low. And when you’re driving a murdered-out Porsche Turbo with your number plastered all over it you can’t really lay low.

So what does that mean for people like you and I? Well now you and I can own a piece of Beckham history since the guys over at Chequered Flag in LA have David Beckham’s Porsche Turbo Cab for sale which is customized all the way down to the floormats.

If you recall David’s Porsche originally was black before getting repainted in matte black which we covered in October of 2009.  At that time David Beckham had owned the car for about a year along with a number of other customized rides like his Cadillac Escalade.

Why do you think David is ditching the Porsche Turbo… Did he pick up a Mexico Blue GT2?

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David Beckhams Porsche Turbo Cab

David Beckhams Porsche Turbo Cab

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Victoria’s Waiting Shed: Her Jaguar

That’s Victoria Beckham looking over her boys from her Jaguar. Who says you need to sit down the parents’ bench when you have a sleek Jaguar as your waiting shed? She should write a book called Posh Parenting: Watching Your Kids Skate In the Comfort of a Luxury Car.

Victoria Beckham in a Jaguar

David Beckham’s Porsche Turbo

Does anyone know what’s up with David Beckham’s Porsche and his other cars?  Rumors were that he might sell some of them but I can’t confirm or deny these.  Anyone seen them around or seen him driving them lately?

The Beckham Family Kiddie Van: An Escalade

Victoria Beckham took his sons to a dinner in a Brazilian restaurant in California where she took off in a new Jaguar aside from the Escalade that serves as their kiddie car. What model Jag is that?

beckham kiddie van

The Beckham Family Kiddie Van: An Escalade

Source: X17 Online

David and Victoria Beckham Cruises Out for a Dinner Date with their Land Rover

Posh couple David and Victoria Beckham leaves their boys at home for a sweet, romantic dinner date with the help of their black Land Rover. The couple went to the swanky Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills where they joined steamy couple Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Ah, a life in the day of a privileged European couple.

victoria and david beckham landrover