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Update: It’s Victoria Beckham’s Bently Convertible, Read the HeadRests

Victoria Beckham's Bentley Continental GT
Celebrity: Victoria Beckham
Car: Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Looks like Victoria is the one that chose the blacked out Bentley Continental GT Convertible with a little custom tailoring to her likes. Check out the custom embroidery in the head rests. It’s unknown what else has been modified in her Bentley but I doubt she just had the head rests done!

David Beckham in a new Bentley Continental GT Convertible

While everyone else may be wondering what David’s wife is wearing or where they travel to, all I care about is what cars does David have here. In a quick video over a TMZ I was able to pull a few shots of David loading his family in to a Bentley Continental GT Convertible after stopping for some toys at Toys-R-Us.

Victoria Beckham Bentley Continental

Victoria Beckham Bentley Continental passenger seat

Victoria Beckham Bentley Continental and David Beckham

And who said people can’t fit in the back seats of a Bentley Continental?
David Beckham with the Kids