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Rachel Bilson House Hunts In A New Audi

It might not be her own Audi R8 but Rachel Bilson was sporting a new Audi A3 while house hunting with Hayden Christensen recently. Anything’s better than her boring Toyota Prius.

Rachel Bilson Audi A3

Jonah Hill Fills Up His Audi

Jonah Hill stops by a local gas station to fill up his Audi S5.

Jonah Hill Audi S5

Soulja Boy’s Renting an Audi R8?

Soulja Boy posted this photo of himself and a brand new Audi R8. Must be nice to have an Audi R8 to fall back on. Busted up Bentley and all – still look like he’s rolling tough.

Soulja Boy Audi R8

UPDATE: Josh just hit us up and believes the Audi R8 is a rental from Roadstarr Motorsports. We’re with him on this one. Either way he’s driving an R8 and we’re not ;(

Scott Disick’s Selling His Chrome Audi R8

Looks like Scott Disick‘s unloading another ride and this time it’s his chrome wrapped Audi R8 that we spotted Kim Kardashian borrowing recently. Disick’s flashy R8 is up for grabs through Calabasas Luxury Motorcars with a ‘buy it now’ set at $134,995 on eBay.

Why do you think Disick’s gone through so many rides lately?

Scott Disick Audi R8

Scott Disick's Chrome Audi R8

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Jenna Dewan Loads The Back Of Her Audi Q7

‘Playboy Club’ actress and Channing Tatum’s wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum was spotted filling up the back of her Audi Q7 recently.

Jenna Dewan Audi

Jenna Dewan Audi Q7