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Dwyane Wade Picks Up Two New Rides

Dwyane Wade just shared a photo of not one but TWO new rides! What one would you choose if you had the chance? The Aston Martin Vanquish Volante or the Audi R8? I’d have to go with the Vanquish.

Dwyane Wade Audi

Source (@dwyanewade)

Nyjah Huston Switches Things Up

Nyjah Huston decided to go from white to black with his Audi R8 and I think it looks even better than it did before. I love the satin black wrap with the carbon fiber wrapped hood. Here’s what it looked like before. What do you think of the new look?

Nyjah Huston Audi

Nyjah Huston R8 Nyjah Huston Audi R8

(Photos: @nyjah_huston)

Nyjah Huston Throws Some 20’s On His R8

Nyjah Huston knows what’s up when it comes to customizing his cars by keeping it simple and clean. Huston shared a photo of his Audi R8 with new 20″ rims, and a lowering kit. What do you think of the new rims?

Nyjah Huston Audi R8

Nyjah Huston R8

(Photo: Instagram)

Shout out to Stephane for the tip!

Gareth Bale’s Audi Obsession

Soccer star, Gareth Bale is worth A LOT of money — and by a lot, I mean somewhere over $100 million. Bale recently transferred to Real Madrid where he’ll be playing now for the next six years at least. Bale was spotted driving around in his Audi Q7 which I’m guessing is new now that he’s playing for Real Madrid. However, Bale is no stranger when it comes to Audi’s, he’s been driving around in a white Audi R8 for quite a while now too.

Gareth Bale Audi Gareth Bale Audi Q7

(Photos: Zimbio)

Bale driving around in his Audi R8.

Gareth Bale Audi R8

(Photo: footballwood.com)

Can You Guess Who Is Responsible For Bieber’s Leopard Print R8?

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Justin Bieber Audi R8
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