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Brandon Phillips At Least Has Style

Despite his ticket for who cares what lets talk about Brandon Phililips’ Audi R8 with paint matched wheels! I don’t care what the color is but paint matched wheels is where it’s at. I’ve always complained that steel wheels just doesn’t make sense and it’s always been something that bothered me about the automotive industry. Had they just painted wheels from day one I think all cars would have had painted wheels.

Brandon Phililips' Audi R8
Source – Celebrity Matt Hardigree @ Jalopnik

Taylor Lautner Takes Taylor Swift Out Ironman Style

When you’re taking out Taylor Swift you have to have your car game done right so Taylor Lautner ditched the plain-jane BMW 5-Series and pulled out the Audi R8.

Taylor Lautner Audi R8

Doesn’t Taylor and Swifty look hot in the R8!
Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift in Audi R8

John Mayer Gets Flashy In The Audi R8

Who would have guessed that John Mayer would land himself in one of the greatest sport cars on the road. What do you guys think of the Audi R8?

If you were John Mayer, what would you drive?

John Mayer Audi R8

John Mayer Gets Flashy In The Audi R8
Source: X17