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Ben Baller’s Garage

When I snagged this photo I really thought we’d featured Ben Baller on the site before but after looking back we really haven’t despite the fact that Ben Baller has pretty much rolled every ride you would want to put in your garage, aside from his lame ass Prius (I always hate on Prius).

Ben Baller's Garage

Tyga’s Gold and Ugly Audi R8

The Audi R8 is sick no matter what stupid shit you do to it but a gold wrap with a cashmere interior is hideous. Chalk this up to another horrible car by rapper I don’t care about.

Tyga's Gold Audi R8

Source: LAUNFD

Katie Cleary’s Day Out With Her Audi R8

Model and animal rights activist, Katie Cleary was spotted out in Beverly Hills this weekend with her Audi R8. She should really look both ways before pulling out in front of a Range Rover.

Katie Cleary Audi R8

Katie Cleary

Hayden Christensen Valets His Audi R8

Hayden Christensen’s girlfriend, Rachel Bilson might drive a Prius but that doesn’t mean he has one too! Hayden was spotted valeting his Audi R8 with a friend at Chateau Marmont recently. Just a few days ago Hayden was also spotted filling up the R8 with Rachel Bilson in the passenger seat. Rachel might be environmentally friendly but it looks like she doesn’t mind running around in a super car every once in a while.

Hayden Christensen Audi R8

Rachel Bilson Hayden Christensen Audi R8

Ronnie Magro’s Audi R8 Photo Shoot

From the looks of it, Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Magro may have found a replacement for his BMW 6 series. Ronnie shared some photos on twitter of himself with an Audi R8 at a photo shoot recently. This is definitely one nice upgrade!

Ronnie Magro Audi R8












Thanks to AK for the tip!