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Spotted: Samuel Eto’o’s Black Ferrari LaFerrari

The rumor mill is buzzing and this time it’s about Samuel Eto and the first Ferrari LaFerrari in London. Word on the street is, footballer, Samuel Eto’o is the proud owner of this black LaFerrari pictured below. This isn’t Eto’o’s first supercar though, while we’ve only seen him in his Bugatti Veyron before, the footballer has a seriously impressive lineup including, an Aston Martin One-77, Aston Martin V12 Zagato, Bugatti Veyron, Maybach Xenatec, Mansory Stallone 599 and to top it all off he even has a Koenigsegg on order because why the hell not, right?

Samuel Eto Ferrari Samuel Eto LaFerrari

Source: (thesupercarkids)

Thanks to RUFke for the tip

Video: Samuel Eto’o In His Bugatti Veyron

Soccer star, Samuel Eto’o confirms that $29 million can get you just about anything you want — including this Bugatti Veyron. The color’s a little boring but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t drive it! With $29 million, who knows, maybe he has one in another color too.