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Cristiano Ronaldo Adds a Couple New Rides To His Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo has a habit of taking photos next to his car before starting his day (like this one with his Rolls Royce Ghost). Honestly, the photos put out a border line Jersey Shore, “hey, look how good I look today and check out my car” kind of a vibe but whatever. There’s no denying Ronaldo always has sick cars […]

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Kylie Jenner: Excuse Me While I Park My Ferrari Next To This Private Jet

When you’re 18 and you roll up to a private jet in your new Ferrari 458 Spider…#SMH Photo (@kyliejenner)

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Deadmau5 Turns His Tesla Bright Green

Deadmau5’s always up to something and this time he’s decided to wrap his Tesla Model S P85D in bright green. What do you think of the new look? Would you rock a green Tesla? Photo (@deadmau5) Shout out to Anders for the tip

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Busta Rhymes – Still In It

When I was younger I was a pretty big Busta fan so I’m not going to lie that I’m excited to see Busta is still out there hustling and whipping a Rolls Royce Ghost! Source: Instagram

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Pebble Beach Show-Offs

It’s Monterey Car Week which means all roads within 50 miles of Pebble Beach are stacked with high-dollar exotics and collectables. Not only does this special week attract the cars, it also brings out the celebrities, including the likes of nearly every cast member from Bravo TV’s, Million Dollar Listing! I would have to say that Josh […]

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