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Kelly Osbourne Loves Range Rovers

Another day, another celebrity in a Range Rover. This time around we have Kelly Osbourne loading groceries in to her vibrant blue Sport HSE. We’ve seen Kelly in a few different rides in the past including the last generation Range Rover Sport, so it looks like she just got herself a nice little upgrade, ah la the Kendall Jenner route. At this point, we all expect celebrities to be driving either the regular Range Rover or the Sport so this definitely isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it’s nice to see that Kelly sprung for the blue color to stand out from the crowd at least a little bit.

Kelly Osbourne Range Rover

Photos (Zimbio)

3 Responses to Kelly Osbourne Loves Range Rovers

  1. Neil says:

    That is a sport SVR; not a regular Range Rover

  2. Jcm4494 says:

    It’s a Range Rover sport SVR

  3. AJ Feltis says:

    This is actually a Range Rover SVR not a sport HSE, you can tell by the quad exhaust pipes. I think the idea of this blog is an awesome idea, i find myself scrolling and scrolling. However, I have noticed a few mistakes throughout your blog on the accuracy of car models and more specifically model lines (AMG, BMW’s M, etc.etc.). Please contact me in regards to clarifying specific models of cars, would be more than happy to help out. Love the idea of the blog and the blog itself.

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