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Your Chance To Own Tupac’s Hummer H1 Is Here!

Not very often do the rides of big name celebrities come up for sale, but when they do we always find it very exciting! If you are fan of the late Harlem rapper Tupac, and a fan of the Hummer H1, then today is your lucky day! This particular H1 was purchased by Tupac just a month before his death in 1996. Since then it has acquired only a smidgen over 10,000 miles, and in our opinion, maintained all of its original badass appeal. Unfortunately owning a unique, low milage, celebrity owned vehicle probably wont come cheap. It’s predicted to sell for $100K+ which we suspect is a fairly conservative estimate considering a non-celebrity owned H1 could sell for that much any day. That being said, whoever does pick it up will have easily one of the coolest rides on the street anywhere!

Tupac Hummer H1

Tupac Hummer H1 For Sale

Tupac Shakur Hummer H1


Tupac Hummer

Source (RR Auction)

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