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**California** Rare Turquoise Rough - 1/4 Pound Lots For Sale

**California** Rare Turquoise Rough - 1/4 Pound Lots
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**California** Rare Turquoise Rough - 1/4 Pound Lots:

~CHRISTMAS PRICE DROP~Only for the holidays!CALIFORNIA Mojave Turquoise EilatA rare geological event “last run”I am now selling the best of the best last of it !!! I had to raise my cost slightlyThe materials are from myPersonal set aside stuff now and I’m offering free shipping !
The pluckers you dig! You will get sizes that range from dime to nickel to quarter to dollar bill ~depending on my scoop and spirit fingers. The stones chose the buyer.
Sample final polish and ranging patterns provided in images above also. Everything is worth x10 the purchase price once cut once final polished.Perfect for minor trim and dop ready to go to make cabochon sizes.- Everyone so far is UBER happy -you will also be HAPPY :) -you can’t lose here on this material it’s too good no waste.checkout the ratings and comments and sold qty its a top seller for a reason.
Thank you buyers, so now I am only selling off the smaller pieces not quite the imagesizes now around half that in size but the weight is still there and quality great no compromisethere! You will be super happy as well to make cabs from this material, fill jars, decorate, crush and create inlay,so many options and no waste in the stones since the entire stone is BEAUTIFUL. A lot of this seafloor mixed with copper thermal washes that chemically altered the host stone and formed an amazing agatized Drusy Quartz trapped display of Turquoise matrix and secondary copper mineral.
HISTORY ___The earth subducted and fell, then it cracked and volcanic action spawned
Orogeny, AKAmountain formations folded the earth and cracked the mantle - the mix of soups below spewed out gem bearing fluids, some that didn'tmelt at all, injected into soft sands or host rocks and cushioned and frozen in timeby a jasper, limonite, cuprite, granite. Completelypseudo morphedinto a crusty hard 5-7 Mohs blue copper bearing mineral of sorts.
Batholith: The ocean is below us in many places washing around and finding ways to exit even out and up to ground level in desert environments.Overall the earth event iscalled a batholith.
Crystals: you find crystals that formed a solid interlocking web trapping and lending to my materials hardness. The suitability for jewelry is perfect, my material created from a mantle releasing a porphyry magic fluid of ingredients that make the earth elements react, aluminum, nickel, iron, copper. There are severalstages of evolution of copper minerals that age over time.
Some feel good info about the materials.Druse Turquoise Eilat that is translucent and crystal matrix.
California Turquoise is as rare as steak without propane. Not as common as Nevada or Arizona. Video shows sparkle at end. This particular blend is all crystal Turquoise and Chrysocolla Malachite blended. This wild blend can contain a host of copper secondaries. I mined all my materials.
Very hard to find, unique patterns and colors from California deposits. Some offer a perfect flower burst of Malachite within the fused copper secondaries. This material stands out because the saturation is richer than common finds, and fused by micro-crystalline quartz druse. Making this blend harder than normal and shiny and bright once final polished. Majority of the Turquoise materials are translucent which makes this material stand above the rest which are country rock in nature. This is crystal gem rock that has an amazing color display.
This won'tlast in my possession once people identify the real value.
*****Free shipping in US*****
$20 international - Bundles accepted.
You are offerding on natural and very rare old Mojave CA rough turquoise. Perfect for high end jewelry work. The blue is addictive and neon bright colors appear once polished.
Makes beautiful finished art with a high polish and is obtainableonly through me here. Each parcel will yield many high end qualityturquoise cabs, there is no waste in the product. You can use everything that is trimmed. There is no question you will be extremely satisfied with the quality of finished cabochons. I will continue to sell it until my stash is gone. There is no more to offer once sold out.


offer with confidence - 100% positive response - Money Back.

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