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Is Jennifer Lopez Really Driving Around In This??

This is one celebrity we never thought we’d ever (and by ever we mean EVER) see riding around in a minivan but from the looks of this photo it’s true. Jennifer Lopez was spotted shopping with her twins in Los Angeles and loading them into the back of this Toyota Sienna earlier this week.

Jennifer Lopez Minivan

Source: Zimbio 


Paul McDonald Loads His Tundra

Paul McDonald is one of very few celebrities that actually own a truck. McDonald was spotted loading what looks like a bag full of garbage into his Toyota Tundra recently. Hey, at least he’s got a hot wife right…

Phil McDonald Toyota Tundra


Last Weeks Guess Who – Neil Patrick Harris

Last weeks ‘Guess Who’ was Neil Patrick Harris getting into his black Toyota Prius in Beverly Hills.

Neil Patrick Harris Toyota

Neil Patrick Harris Toyota Prius

Ryan Phillippe Hauls A Christmas Tree On His Highlander

Ryan Phillippe was spotted loading a Christmas tree onto the roof of his Toyota Highlander recently.

Ryan Phillippe Toyota Highlander

Ryan Phillippe Toyota

Rebel Wilson’s Not Such A Rebel When It Comes To Her Car

Comedian and actress, Rebel Wilson was spotted loading her trunk with groceries and then heading through a car wash in her Toyota Prius recently. Rebel’s hilarious, we just wish she didn’t have to drive a Prius!

Rebel Wilson Prius

Rebel Wilson Toyota Prius