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Last Weeks Guess Who – Vanessa Hudgens

Last weeks 'Guess Who' was Vanessa Hudgens covering her face with a magazine while getting into a Toyota Prius. We'd cover our face too if we were getting into a Prius!

Vanessa Hudgens Toyota Prius

Vanessa Hudgens Toyota Prius

Michael Douglas Is Bored With His Prius

Michael Douglas looked less than happy as he picked up his Toyota Prius from valet recently. This is just the face you make when you own a Prius I guess.

Michael Douglas Toyota Prius

Another Ride For Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon was spotted leaving the gym in yet another new car. This time Reese jumped into a new Toyota Land Cruiser.

Reese Witherspoon Toyota Land Cruiser

Miranda Kerr Goes Green

We never thought we'd have to see Miranda Kerr with a Prius but unfortunately she was recently spotted getting out of one at the gym. Miranda usually channels her inner (and outer) hotness by driving around in Audi's and Range Rovers so hopefully this Prius thing is just a short term.

Miranda Kerr Toyota Prius

Shout out to Andrew for the tip.

Kellan Lutz: Trouble With The Toyota

Kellan Lutz was spotted working on his Toyota pickup on the side of the road recently. Maybe it's time for an upgrade? Just sayin...

Kellan Lutz Toyota


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