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Kate Hudson’s Toyota Prius Does A School Pickup

Kate Hudson was recently spotted picking up her son Ryder after school in her Toyota Prius. With another little one on the way now she might have to upgrade to something with a little more room. We wouldn’t mind seeing Kate running around in the new Porsche Cayenne hybrid. What would you suggest?

Kate Hudson Toyota Prius

Jon Fitch With His Murdered-Out Tundra

Jon Fitch was recently spotted at California Wheels filming for UFC and Spike TV’s pre hype fight show. Jon took a moment out to pose next to his bad ass murdered out Toyota Tundra truck.

Jon Fitch Toyota Tundra

Source: California Wheels

Matt Damon Keeps It Real With A Toyota

Matt Damon was spotted loading up his Toyota Sequoia before the Super Bowl this past weekend. I don’t think we’ve ever actually caught Matt out and about with his car before. This must just be his daily driver. Anyone have a guess on what else he has hiding in his garage these days?

Matt Damon Toyota Sequoia

Natalie Portman’s Prius

Another celebrity, another Prius. We know, we know but actress Natalie Portman is on a hot streak lately between winning both a Golden Globe award and a SAG award for her performance in Black Swan. Maybe with the new baby on the way she’ll have to spring for a larger car. Maybe a hybrid SUV?

Natalie Portman Prius

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer’s Prius

Supermodel and super mom Claudia Schiffer was spotted outside her sons school in London yesterday with her ever so thrifty and ever so green Toyota Prius. We know we just reported on her a couple days ago but she’s easy on the eyes… what else can we say!

Claudia Schiffer Toyota Prius