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Mark Wahlberg: Taking Care of Business in the Swagger Wagon

We knew Marky Mark had swagger but this minivan is a whole different level of swagger for Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg was spotted valeting his new black Toyota Sienna minivan in Los Angeles earlier this week. I guess he needed something else besides his new Bentley Mulsanne to haul the kids around.

Photo (Zimbio)

TBT: 50 Cent’s Toyota Land Cruiser

I love learning what a celeb's first car was and I will say that 50 Cent's first car is not to shabby.  I know the guys over at TLC and NOTCOT would love this Toyota Land Cruiser!

50 Cent Toyota Land Cruiser

Freddy Prinze Jr. Valets His Prius

Freddie Prinze Jr. was spotted valeting his Prius V in Beverly Hills recently. This is the first time we've seen Freddy Prinze Jr. behind the wheel and it's definitely a little disappointing. At least his wife drives a Lexus.

Source (Zimbio)

Pamela Anderson’s Lifted Toyota Tacoma

Usually Pamela Anderson is riding around Malibu in her white Range Rover but the other night Pam was spotted getting into a lifted Toyota Tacoma. Not exactly what I would have pictured her owning that's for sure!

Pamela Anderson Toyota Tacoma Pamela Anderson Toyota

Source: X17 Online

Really Kristen Stewart??

This is very disappointing.

Kristen Stewart Toyota Pickup

Kristen Stewart Toyota

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