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Oops! Sean Kingston’s Bentley Gets Repo’d

Well this is embarrassing. Sean Kingston was enjoying a night out in Los Angeles when his Bentley Mulsanne was repo'd right on Sunset Blvd. The video is really blurry so it doesn't show a lot but you'll get the idea. Sean was not happy to say the least!

Sean with his Bentley Mulsanne.  sean kingston bentley continental
Source (TMZ)

Dear Sean Kingston – I Hate You

I don't know why but for some reason this phenomenon of sitting, standing, and otherwise disrespecting uber-luxury and supercars has continued. I really wish I could be a wallflower when these impromptu shots take place to see what the conversation is leading up.

Here is my best guess as to what transpired leading up to this photo.

Sean: I need to do an update for iG

Fame-chasing friend: Why don't you show off the Aventador

Sean: Yeah, open up the doors so they know it's not just a Gallardo... oh and I'll look away from the camera as if it's no big deal

Fame-chasing friend: Good idea... put your feet on the bumper while you are at it

sean kingston sitting on a Lamborghini Aventador

Sean Kingston’s White-Out Lineup

A while back, Sean Kingston shared a photo of what looked like a matte silver Lamborghini Aventador but we weren't sure if he actually bought it or not. Yesterday, Kingston shared a photo of part of his car collection including a new white Range Rover, white Bentley Mulsanne, and a white Lamborghini Aventador. Looks like he wanted to switch things up and wrap everything in white because his Mulsanne used to be silver/grey and his Rover was black.

Sean Kingston Lamborghini

Shout out to Avinash for the tip!

Sean Kingston Adds Another Ride To His Collection

Sean Kingston doesn't really need another car for his collection but thanks to "mama kingston" he's joined the celebrity bandwagon with a new Range Rover. He posted a photo of himself with the Rover on his Instagram with the caption "My baby just got here!!!!.. Thank u @mamakingston1.. 1 more added to the collection".

Sean Kingston Range Rover

Shout out to Jensen for the tip!

Sean Kingston – I’m On A SMALL Boat

Sometimes I really thing Instagram needs to ask for a little more detail from those who post photos.  Case and point is Sean Kingston on what appears to be a 20-30 sport fishing boat.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this something to showing off?

sean kingston im on a boat

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