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Rob Dyrdek Gives His 69 Camaro A Facelift

Rob Dyrdek recently tweeted this photo of his 1969 Camaro sporting a whole new look. The Camaro was originally customized with Rob’s signature matte black paint and Rogue Status graphics but now it looks like the graphics and matte black are both a thing of the past.

Do you like Rob’s Camaro this way or the old way?

Rob Dyrdek Camaro

Old look:
Rob Dyrdek Camaro with Rogue Status

This Is Exactly The Tip We Needed

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words so we all know that means a video is worth a milli! We finally have scored some more “media” of Rob Dyrdek’s Porsche Panamera.

With that said I also want to make a public apology to for neglecting to recognize Sean Malto on our celebrity radar. Go check him out and support him and his sponsors! (he’s not your average schmedium wearing hoodlum manualing his skateboard into your parked car)

As for will it happen again… we can’t say we’re perfect. Asking us to recognize every person who jumps in front of a Porsche Panamera like that is asking us to recall the shoe size of the first dime-piece stripper we got a lap dance from…

And now we’re going to reach out to every contact we know to see if we can get a sneak-peak photo shoot of this thing in real life 😉

Rob Dyrdek’s Porsche Panamera Turbo – aka Ghost

Rob Dyrdek is a visionary and it doesn’t stop at an over the top office or a sick pad. Check out his newest whip which he has named GHOST! This puts his Storm-trooper Tahoe and Bentley to shame! Lets just hope he doesn’t let his cousin Drama drive it, or Tony Turbo.

More photos after the jump.

Rob Dyrdek Turbo Porsche Panamera Continue Reading

Pro Skater Josh Kalis Shows Off His Camaro

?Pro Skater Josh Kalis must really want to fondle Rob Dyrdek’s balls. Not really but does seem rather funny that they would have very similar themed 69 Camaro’s built by the same shop, All Speed Performance.

Here is a link to Rob Dyrdek’s 69 Camaro – Rogue Status Style

Gymkhana 2.1 With Rob Dyrdek

It’s goes with out saying that there will be some sort of Gymkhana video to hit Rob Dyrdek’s MTV show Fantasy Factory. We shared snapshots last week, so here is some video!