Rob Dyrdek

Everything You Need To Know About Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek is known for many things. He’s a famous skateborder, TV producer, Fantasy Factory head honcho, Ridiculousness host, DC creator and reality TV star. He has even been in the Guinness World Records book for over 20 different skateboard feats. Is there anything this man can’t do?
Rob is also a man who keeps his family at the fore front of his life. His parents and sister were often featured on his hit MTV reality show, Rob and Big. His cousin, Chris Pfaff (aka Drama), is ever present on his numerous TV series as well.
Being a successful business man has enabled Rob to start the The Rob Dyrdek foundation. His foundation helps build safe and legal skate parks for all members of a community to enjoy. The foundation also helps non-profit groups and towns by organizing community and educational programs that “promote and encourage the sport of skateboarding”.
For a young man from Kettering, Ohio he has succeeded in conquering the world of extreme sports and taking skateboarding to the masses.

Rob’s 69 Camaro

Rob Dyrdek 1969 Camaro
Rob Dyrdek 1969 Camaro

Rob’s Porsche Panamera

Rob Dyrdek next to his Panamera
Rob Dyrdek

Rob’s Blacked-Out Tahoe

Rob's Blacked Out Tahoe
Rob Dyrdek Tahoe

Rob’s Tahoe Version 2

Rob Dyrdek's all white Tahoe

Bentley Continental GT

Rob Dyrdek Bentley
Meaty in Rob Drydek Bentley

Rob gets ready to Kickflip a Chevy Sonic

Chevy SonicChevy Sonic

Rob’s T-Rex

Rob's T-Rex