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Spotted: Kris Jenner’s G63 With New Wheels

One of our readers spotted Kris Jenner’s white Mercedes Benz G63 with black accents over the weekend and sent us these photos. Looks like she’s picked up some new white Forgiato’s. What do you think of the white on white look for the G63?

Kris Jenner G Wagon Kris Jenner Mercedes G63

Big shout out to Jennifer for sending in these photos!

Here is another photo of Kris driving her G-Wagon with the new wheels (photo tip sent from Nicholas). 
Kris Jenner G Wagon

Dwight Howard Rocking the Ferrari FF

Dwight Howard just jumped to the top of my list in favorite NBA players when I saw him driving a white Ferrari FF with red interior. For some odd reason the Ferrari FF seems like one of the ultimate supercars to me. I love hatchbacks yet I love sport cars and it looks like one exotic mix of the two!

Dwight Howard Ferrari FF

Jump to :30 seconds to see Dwight getting in his FF.

Dwight Howard Driving off in Ferrari FF

Big thanks to C.J for the tip via ESPN!

Reader Tip – Kris Jenner Shopping In Her G63

One of our readers caught Kris Jenner hopping into her new Mercedes-Benz G63 after shopping in Beverly Hills a while ago and snapped this great photo.

Kris Jenner Mercedes G63


























Thanks to Spencer for the great shot and for thinking of us!

Behind The Scenes at The Bone Thugs N Harmony Concert Featuring The Game

It’s not often that anyone gets to see what a celeb shows up in when they pull up to their own concert or game.  For example, why don’t I know what Tiger Woods rolls up in when he’s hosting his own tournament down in Florida?  Anyways, one of our favorite readers sent us these photos giving us a behind the scenes look at the LA stop of the Bone Thugs N Harmony Concert which featured The Game. The Game was rollin his ever-changing Bentley Continental.

Special thanks for Moti for sending us the photos.

The Game The Game Bentley Continental The Game Bentley

Ariana Grande Gets Behind The Wheel Of A Rover

Nickelodeon actress and Broadway singer, Ariana Grande was spotted in a video while driving her Range Rover recently. Maybe I’m just getting old but this is the first time I’d ever even heard of Ariana Grande and from the sound of the video, we’re guessing she doesn’t do a whole lot of driving so we probably wont see her again anytime soon.

Shout out to Jensen for the tip!