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Dwight Howard’s Flash-Themed Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Dwight Howard’s officially ditched his Superman title and wants to be called “The Flash” from now on and his car proves it. Howard took his new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to a shop in Houston recently and had them give it a customized Flashmobile theme.

The car is now complete with a custom paint job, custom steering wheel, and custom “Flash” logos on the wheels, hood, gas cap and headrests. But wait — it doesn’t end there! The car also has custom lighting installed so that when Howard (I mean “The Flash”) opens his door, a Flash logo will illuminate on the ground.

If this car makes you nauseous, scroll through some of his other rides here.

Dwight Howard Dodge Challenger


Source: http://www.tmz.com/2015/06/07/dwight-howard-flash-car-inside-photos/#ixzz3cc3Iivpb

Shout outs to Ken and Patrick for the tips!

Dwight Howard Rocking the Ferrari FF

Dwight Howard just jumped to the top of my list in favorite NBA players when I saw him driving a white Ferrari FF with red interior. For some odd reason the Ferrari FF seems like one of the ultimate supercars to me. I love hatchbacks yet I love sport cars and it looks like one exotic mix of the two!

Dwight Howard Ferrari FF

Jump to :30 seconds to see Dwight getting in his FF.

Dwight Howard Driving off in Ferrari FF

Big thanks to C.J for the tip via ESPN!

This Is How Dwight Howard Rolls In Los Angeles

Dwight Howard knows how to roll. He’s had a Rolls Royce (or two), a blacked out Panamera and even a Knight XV truck but now that he’s a Laker he’s got a new Bentley Mulsanne. First it was T.I. with a new Mulsanne and now Howard — so who’s next??

Dwight Howard Bentley Mulsanne

Dwight Howard Bentley

Dwight Howard’s Murdered Out Porsche Panamera

We just recently posted a story about Gilbert Arenas planking on Dwight Howard’s Porsche Panamera but the photo was obviously from cell phone and we couldn’t get a great view of the car but we came across these photos from Celebrity Auto Group so we thought we’d share. It’s one of the better Panamera’s we’ve seen.

Dwight Howard Porsche Panamera

Dwight Howard Porsche Panamera

Gilbert Arenas: Planking On A Panamera

Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas played a little prank/plank on his friend and teammate Dwight Howard not long ago by planking on Dwight’s Porsche Panamera. We have to say we’re liking what we see here of Dwight’s Panamera!

Gilbert Arenas Dwight Howard Porsche Panamera