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Paula Abdul Shows Up To Graduation In A Rolls Royce

Paula Abdul’s nephew graduated from college recently so Paula showed up to show her support in a Rolls Royce. Embarrassing or cool? Either way Paula would never be caught dead in a normal rental car so we’re sure her nephew is used to it.

Paula Abdul Rolls Royce Phantom

Paula Abdul Rolls Royce

Simon Cowell Reports To ‘X Factor’ Duty In A Rolls Royce

Simon Cowell always knows how to make some heads turn. Just recently, the first round of “X Factor” auditions were held in Los Angeles and Simon made his grand entrance in a black Rolls Royce Phantom.

Simon Cowell Rolls Royce Phantom

Simon Cowell Rolls Royce Phantom

Meanwhile, Paula Abdul managed to stumbled her way out of a Chevy Suburban while dodging what could have been some great press…

Paula Abdul Chevy Suburban