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Pamela Anderson’s Lifted Toyota Tacoma

Usually Pamela Anderson is riding around Malibu in her white Range Rover but the other night Pam was spotted getting into a lifted Toyota Tacoma. Not exactly what I would have pictured her owning that’s for sure!

Pamela Anderson Toyota Tacoma Pamela Anderson Toyota

Source: X17 Online

Pamela Anderson In Her Throwback Rover

Either Pamela Anderson is getting so old she couldn’t tell the difference between her new and old Range Rovers or she likes to sport the throwback every now and then and just let her hair hang out while shopping barefoot in Malibu.  You be the judge!

Pamela Anderson Old Range Rover

Pamela Anderson Shows It All Off In Her Rover

We’re experiencing deja vu. Doesn’t seem to matter what day of the week it is or month or season really, Pamela Anderson loves to wear the same outfit when we spot her in her Range Rover. Only one difference this time – you can see through her dress…obviously someone didn’t look in the mirror.

Pamela Anderson Range Rover















Source: X17 Online

Pamela Anderson Rocks It In Her Rover

Pamela Anderson was spotted grocery shopping in Malibu with her white Range Rover and in what seems to be very close to the same outfit we spotted her in back in December 2010. Oops!

Pamela Anderson Range Rover


Pamela Anderson In Her White Range Rover

Traditionally Pamela Anderson looks great in a white outfit and her white Range Rover but this photo is not all that attractive.


Pamela Anderson in her Range Rover

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