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Robert Downey Jr. – Fast And Furious In A GT-R

Robert Downey Jr. was recently spotted getting into his Nissan GT-R. We love that he feels the need for a little speed and seeing a celeb drive around in something different than your typical celebrity ride is always refreshing. What do you think of the GT-R?

Robert Downey Jr Nissan GT-R

Thanks to Jimmy for the tip!

Video: Will Ferrell Wears Shape-Ups And Drives A Nissan

Will Ferrell was spotted getting into his Nissan Leaf in Hollywood recently while wearing shape-ups and capris...? Hopefully he has a nice house...just sayin'.

Sean Penn Fills Up His Nissan

Sean Penn left his Mustang at home for the day and took his Nissan Titan out instead. Sean was spotted filling up the tank at a gas station in Los Angeles recently. Lets just hope that cigarette isn't actually lit.

Sean Penn Nissan Titan

Harley Morenstein Drives a Nissan?

We're huge Epic Meal Time fans and we love the fact that Harley Morenstein is always bragging about his Youtube Money but Harley, you need to put your car game in check... you're rolling a Nissan Versa. (see video here)

Harley Morenstein Drives a Nissan Versa

I'm pretty sure Lee Newton wouldn't date a dude driving a Nissan Versa!  Step your game up and get something cool like Philly D of FPSRUSSIA. #thatswhatIcallsmart

What do you think Harley should drive?

Items referenced in this post for all you non-Youtube lazy moth3rf*ck3r$ or ad PhillyD would say "Links below" and "Google is is your friend"

Lee Newton:
Lee Newton

Philip Defranco's Charger SRT8:

FPSRussia's Camaro SS:
Fpsrussia's camaro SS

Mollie King Runs Around In Her Nissan Figaro

The Saturday's singer, Mollie King was recently spotted running around town in her vintage looking Nissan Figaro. With all the cash Mollie has laying around you'd think she'd be driving something pretty flashy but I guess that's just not her style -- we kinda like it. What do you think of Mollie's Figaro?

Mollie King Nissan Figaro

Mollie King

Source: Daily Mail

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