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Harley Morenstein Drives a Nissan?

We're huge Epic Meal Time fans and we love the fact that Harley Morenstein is always bragging about his Youtube Money but Harley, you need to put your car game in check... you're rolling a Nissan Versa. (see video here)

Harley Morenstein Drives a Nissan Versa

I'm pretty sure Lee Newton wouldn't date a dude driving a Nissan Versa!  Step your game up and get something cool like Philly D of FPSRUSSIA. #thatswhatIcallsmart

What do you think Harley should drive?

Items referenced in this post for all you non-Youtube lazy moth3rf*ck3r$ or ad PhillyD would say "Links below" and "Google is is your friend"

Lee Newton:
Lee Newton

Philip Defranco's Charger SRT8:

FPSRussia's Camaro SS:
Fpsrussia's camaro SS

Mollie King Runs Around In Her Nissan Figaro

The Saturday's singer, Mollie King was recently spotted running around town in her vintage looking Nissan Figaro. With all the cash Mollie has laying around you'd think she'd be driving something pretty flashy but I guess that's just not her style -- we kinda like it. What do you think of Mollie's Figaro?

Mollie King Nissan Figaro

Mollie King

Source: Daily Mail

Rumor Report: Jon Olsson Ditches the 670 for a Aventador

Rumor on the street is that famed crazy skier Jon Olsson has a Lamborghini Aventador on order and has ditched his 670-SV pictured below. Jon Olsson Lambo 670SV

Without a doubt we're sure he'll be outfitting his Aventador with a roof rack just like his 670-SV and his Gallardo and Nissan GTR.
Jon Olsson Camo Lambo

Jon Olsson Nissan GTR

Jared Followill’s Nissan GT-R Gets Towed

Jared Followill

Kings of Leon's Jared Followill has a sick looking Nissan GT-R. Just recently though, Jared came home from tour to find his GT-R out of commission and had to have it towed from his own garage. Oh the problems of being a rock star...

Jared Followill Nissan GT-R



Lea Michele and BF Enjoy a Date Night with a Nissan 370Z Roadster

Glee sensation Lea Michele was seen out with his Broadway hunk boyfriend Theo Stockman who drove his Nissan 370Z Roadster to Izaka-yan in LA. She was joined by Glee co-stars Jenna Ushkowitz and Chris Colfer before speeding off with her beau. What do you think about this guy's choice of car? Is he trying too hard with this affordable sports car or is he going for performance?

Lea Michele spends the night with her boyfriend in a Nissan 370z Roadster

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