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Deadmau5 And Kat Von D – Carpooling In A Porsche

Since Kat Von D ran her Bentley into a house last weekend it looks like she’s using her boyfriend, Deadmau5 as her chauffer — luckily he drives a Porsche — not a town car. Just yesterday, the two were spotted sitting in traffic with the top down in his Porsche Carrera S. It’s nice to have an alternative ride when you turn your Bentley into a “dentley”.

Kat-Von-D-Deadmau-5-Porsche Deadmau5 Porsche

Kat Von D’s Bentley Is More Like A “Dentley” Now

Kat Von D did some major damage to her Bentley as she was backing out of a driveway over the weekend. She swears the house she hit came out of nowhere but we’ve got news for you Kat Von D — houses don’t usually jump anywhere. Either way, one thing’s for sure, her Bentley’s seen better days.

Kat posted the photo to her Instagram with the caption “I swear! The side of that house came outta nowhere!! #oopsy #dentley”

Kat Von D Bentley



Kat Von D Goes Wild With Her Bentley

If we didn’t know Kat Von D and we saw her on the streets looking like this we would never guess she’d be walking up to the black Bentley Continental. Seriously, whats up with the pants?

Kat Von D Bentley

Kat Von D Steps Out In Her Black Bentley

A very serious looking Kat Von D pulled up to her Tattoo shop in Hollywood and stepped out of her black Bentley Continental recently (without Jesse James).

Kat Von D Bentley Continental

Spotted: Kat Von D Running For Her Bentley

A blue haired Kat Von D and fiance Jesse James were spotted making a dash for her Bentley recently. Maybe it’s just the photo but it looks to us like her Bentley could use a good detail soon.

Kat Von D Bentley