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Jeremy Piven and Liam Neeson Film Entourage

The Entourage movie isn’t set to hit theaters until next Summer, but filming is already underway in Los Angeles. Jeremy Piven and Liam Neeson were spotted filming scenes for the upcoming movie with Piven in a red Ferrari 458 Italia and Neeson alongside in a Bentley Continental.

Source (Zimbio)

Jeremy Piven’s Parking Ticket Blues

Jeremy Piven has a problem when it comes to parking his cars. No matter what car he’s out in he always seems to walk back to a ticket. Most recently, Piven was spotted heading back to his Audi A8 where he found not one but TWO tickets on his windshield.

Jeremy Piven Audi A8











Jeremy Piven Audi

Jeremy Piven: From A Bronco To A Lamborghini

Ari Gold is that you? Usually we spot Jeremy Piven keeping it casual behind the wheel of his old school Ford Bronco but just recently we got a tip on this photo of Jeremy leaving a restaurant in a Lamborghini. Don’t know if this is actually his car or just a loaner but we’ll keep our eyes and ears open to find out more. Anyone know?

Jeremy Piven Lamborghini


Thanks to Matt for the tip!

Looks Like Jeremy Piven’s Still Rockin’ His Bronco

We were beginning to wonder if Jeremy Piven still had his brown topless Ford Bronco until just recently when we spotted him enjoying the sun with the top down. Last time we spotted him in the Bronco was probably back in 2007 and it still looks just as good as it did then. Would you rock Piven’s Bronco? We would any day.

Jeremy Piven Ford Bronco

Jeremy Piven Ford Bronco

Jeremy Piven Keeps It Green With His Lexus

Another fancy hybrid on the streets of Hollywood. Shocking.

Jeremy Piven was spotted walking back to his Lexus LS 600h after having lunch with a friend. Do you think Lexus gave it to him? We’d bet on it.

Jeremy Piven Lexus LS 600H