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Jeremy Piven Gets a Ticket

Most of the time there’s nothing more frustrating than heading back to your car and finding a ticket on the windshield but to Jeremy Piven it seems to be no big deal here. Do you know what kind of car he’s driving?

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven Enjoying A Green Camaro SS

We’ve seen Jeremy Piven in his Ford Bronco and Range Rover many times but a green Camaro SS?  We didn’t know Jeremy swing that way!

Shit, maybe Lloyd traded in the 350Z for this and Camaro and Jeremy just stole it from the set.

Jeremy Piven Enjoying A Green Camaro SS

Jeremy Piven Enjoying A Green Camaro SS

Ari’s Ferrari – When Was This

Well like many of you I was stoked for Entourage last night after the long off season but today I stumbled across this video that has me lost. Did I miss an episode somewhere in the past few seasons? When did Ari have a Ferrari F430?

Ari receives a Ferrari F430

Guess Who Else has a BMW HYdrogen 7

Jeremy Piven BMW Hydrogen 7
When will I get my shot with the BMW Hydrogen 7? Rumor has it that Jeremy Piven is number 3 on the BMW celebrity list which lands himself with his very own BMW Hydrogen 7.

Props to Celebrity Car Parade at Myride.com for breaking the story!

More on Jeremy Piven and his 1977 Ford Bronco

Well I seriously don’t make it a habit to stalk people but I just so happened to stumble across Jeremy Piven’s 1977 Ford Bronco again at what appears to be his humble abode on Malibu Road, just down the street from Paris Hilton’s summer pad.
Jeremy Piven's 1977 Ford Bronco

Jeremy Piven's 1977 Ford Bronco Up Close