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Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Has Nicer Cars Than Most of Us…

…and she’s only 14!

Iyanna Mayweather just turned 14 years old and her dad, Floyd Mayweather Jr., gave her a new Mercedes Benz G550 to go with her OTHER car, a new Mercedes Benz S550. Seems a little over the top since she can’t even drive yet don’t you think? In Mayweather’s eyes these cars will practically be vintage by the time she can drive herself so what’s the point.

If this isn’t enough for you, take a look at her Instagram account and check out all the other things this 14 year old has — it’s sickening.

Iyanna Mayweather Cars

Source (@moneyyaya)

Shout out to Dean for the tip!

DeMar DeRozan’s New Blacked Out G63

Toronto Raptors guard, Demar DeRozan picked up his new blacked out Mercedes Benz G63 from Pro Motorsports recently.

DeMar DeRozan G Wagon

Petra Ecclestone’s Brabus G63

It doesn’t matter what side of the pond she’s on, Petra Ecclestone is always driving in style. Whether she’s driving her bubblegum pink Rolls Royce Ghost through Beverly Hills or her older Rover in the streets of London, Petra has her choice of just about any car she can imagine. Her latest car, a Mercedes-Benz Brabus G63 with her standard personalized “P3TRA” plate was spotted on the streets of London recently and it’s mean. What do you think of her Brabus G63?

Petra Ecclestone G Wagon

Source (Autogespot)

Shout out to dillon08 for the tip!

Did Scott Disick Go Matte Green?

Scott Disick shared a photo of this matte green Mercedes Benz G63 on his Instagram recently with the caption, “Loving this matte green”.  Has anyone seen Scott driving around in this? I think this matte army green on the G-Wagon looks great. What do you think?

Scott Disick G Wagon
Source (@letthelordbewithyou)

Alec Monopoly Needs a Bigger Garage

Alec Monopoly recently picked up a G-Wagon and in true Alec Monopoly fashion, he sat on the hood, covered his face, took a photo, and shared it on Instagram. As if this wasn’t enough, Monopoly also just bought a new Ferrari 458 Italia. He’s going to need a larger garage if he keeps this up!

Alec Monopoly Mercedes G Wagon

Alec Monopoly Cars

Source (@alecmonopoly)