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Kim Dotcom back in his G-Wagon

A year ago this was going down.
Kim Dotcoms G Wagon

But this weekend this was ging down!
Kim Dotcoms G Wagon

We’re pumped to see a G-Wagon back in the driveway of Kim Dotcom and we’re excited for the future of Mega.co.nz!

Guess Who

This one might be tough but can you guess who’s getting into this Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon?

Guess Who

Did Rob Kardashian Get A G-Wagon Hand-Me-Down?

Celebrity jeweler, Ben Baller posted this picture on his Instagram of Rob Kardashian hitting the gym in a blacked out Mercedes-Benz G55. Last we knew he was rolling in a blue G-Wagon but this looks like momma Jenner gave Rob her hand-me-down. What do you think?

Rob Kardashian G Wagon

Pump Your Breaks And Drive Slow? Not In Kim’s New G63

According to E! Online Kanye West was pulled over by cops after leaving the Chateau Marmont in Kim’s Mercedes-Benz G63 recently. Kanye was also spotted driving Kim around in her G-Wagon over the holidays (photo below).

Kanye West Mercedes G Wagon

Shout out to Collin for the tip!

Source: E! Online

Kris Jenner’s New G63 Wont Fit Under The Christmas Tree

When you’re a part of the Kardashian/Jenner clan the holidays are pretty over the top — so over the top that Kris Jenner decided she’d buy herself a new (very expensive) Mercedes-Benz G63. Kendall Jenner posted the photo on Instagram last night with the caption “my moms Xmas present… to herself lol“. So now Kim and Kris have mother/daughter G63’s. Which one would you roll? Kim’s or Kris’?

Kris Jenner G63