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We’ll give you one guess who’s getting a ticket

Now can you guess how fast he was going?
Bieber getting pulled over

Logan Henderson: Two Fisker Karma’s Are Better Than One

Logan Henderson, star of the Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush and member of the band Big Time Rush recently picked up another Fisker Karma for his collection. Not sure why anyone would really need TWO Fisker Karma’s but hey, we’re not judging. Nickelodeon must pay well…

Would you buy two Fisker Karma’s?

Logan Henderson Fisker Karma

Logan Henderson Fisker Karma

Rick Ross Adds A New Fisker Karma To His Collection

Rick Ross recently posted this photo on his Instagram of his new Fisker Karma along with a couple of his custom bikes. Who knew the Fisker Karma would be so popular with the celebs?!

Rick Ross Fisker Karma

Rick Ross Motorcycle

Rick Ross Bike

Soccer Player Emmanuel Adebayor Shows Off His Fisker Karma

Soccer player Emmanuel Adebayor stopped by Asanti Wheels last week for a photo shoot with his Aston Martin DBS and Fisker Karma. Check out the video below.

Emmanuel Adebayor Aston Martin
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Jarrett Jack Picks Up A New Fisker Karma

New Orleans Hornets point guard, Jarrett Jack just picked up a new Fisker Karma. Who knew the Fisker Karma would be so popular with athletes?!

jarrett jack fisker karma

Source: AthleteCars.com