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Chad Rogers Showing Off the Guns and His New SLS

Former Million Dollar Listing star and real estate agent, Chad Rogers has great taste in cars and has always had a personal style of his own. In recent years, this style has meant a lot of working out and basically looking like a trainer. With that said, he loves to show it off in a manner that I can’t relate to but good for him. Here is washing up his new Mercedes-Benz SLS shirtless.

Chad Rogers Car Wash

Chad Rogers Swoops a Mercedes Benz SLS

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What is Luis D. Ortiz Driving?

It seems the various stars of Million Dollar Listing all have some pretty decent rides but we rarely get the chance to see if any of the NY cast actually drive until now. Luis D. Ortiz shared this photo over the weekend on his Instagram of what looks to be a bit of a classic. I’m not up on my classic steering wheels but would love to know what he is driving.

Can you tell what he is driving?

Luis dortiz

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Really Chad Rogers?

I don’t even know what to say here…

Chad Rogers Bentley

Chad Rogers’ Gas Saver – A John Cooper Works Mini Cooper

We’ll admit it, we’re Chad Rogers fans and while we would love to hate on his recent purchase of a John Cooper Works Mini Cooper, the truth is that it’s a pretty great little car.  We haven’t driven the John Cooper Works edition but we’re confident it’s a blast to drive.

But here’s our question.  What does Chad need a Mini Cooper for?  Is the Bentley Continental GT not cutting it?

chad rogers mini cooper

A Flat Tire For Chad Rogers

In our minds we love picturing the idea of Chad Rogers changing a flat tire on the side of PCH heading north to Malubu… but chances are he sat in the car and didn’t even get out when he made the service shop put the spare on because he’s a boss like that!  Either way Chad still needs to step it up with a Supersports. 😉

Chad Rogers Bentley