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Guess Who

Can you guess who's getting into this black BMW X5?

Guess Who

Heidi Klum: Smokin Hot In A BMW M6

The new BMW M6 is a hot car but when you put Heidi Klum in the front seat it's even better. Heidi and her bodyguard turned boyfriend, Martin Kristen were spotted with two of Heidi's kids in a brand new BMW M6 just a few days ago. It looks like Martin's reaping in ALL the benefits of dating Heidi Klum.

Martin Kristen Heidi Klum BMW

Heidi Klum BMW M6

Nicolette Sheridan’s BMW 7 Series

Desperate Housewives actress, Nicolette Sheridan was spotted getting into her BMW 745i over the weekend in Los Angeles.

Nicollette Sheridan BMW 7 Series Nicollette Sheridan BMW

Selena Gomez Finally Buys A New Car

Selena Gomez has been driving around her old Ford Escape for a while now but it looks like she's finally come to her senses. Selena was spotted at a gas station in Los Angeles recently with a new BMW X5. It's now X5 M but anything's better than that Ford Escape! After watching the video below it's pretty clear she's never actually owned a new car before. She gets so confused she actually asks a paparazzi to move the car for her -- and he does! Check it out below.

Selena Gomez BMW

Photo Source: Zimbio
Shout outs to everyone who sent this tip :) arra, Laura, and Adam

Adam Lambert Fills Up His BMW

Looks like Adam Lambert's moved on from his American Idol Mustang days and moved into a BMW 6 Series. Lambert was spotted filling up his 650i at a gas station in Los Angeles last week.

Adam Lambert BMW 650


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