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Philthy Rich’s BMW i8

Philthy Rich is an American rapper from Oakland, California. Although he has been involved in some minor run-ins with the law, he has continued producing music since 2007. Even though he may not be a household name, his has been successful enough in his career to allow him to pick up a BMW i8. He has also thrown on a set of custom blue Forgiato wheels to match the blue accents on the i8. We think it actually looks pretty good! What do you think?

Philthy Rich BMW i8 Forgiato

Philthy Rich BMW i8

Source (@philthyrichfod)

Chris “Fronzilla” Fronzak’s BMW i8

Chris “Fronzilla” Fronzak is the frontman for the metalcore band, Atilla, and has also released his own hip hop album called Party People’s Anthem. Although he may not be a household name, he certainly has a dedicated following which has helped him become rather successful. His latest ride is a BMW i8 which he has appropriately murdered out. We definitely dig the look!

Fronzilla BMW i8

Chris Fronzak BMW i8

Source (@fronzilla)

Yoan Moncada’s Lamborghini Huracan & BMW i8

With spring training just around the corner, and a new contract worth over $30 million, Boston Red Sox’s new infielder Yoan Moncada of course had to upgrade his rides in a major way. First he picked up a new BMW i8, then took it straight to The Auto Firm in Miami for a crazy black and red overhaul. Apparently he still had the itch to spend some money as he picked up a brand new Lamborghini Huracan as well!

Yoan Moncada Lamborghini Huracan

Yoan Moncada BMW i8

Source (@theautofirm)

Professional Gamer Matthew Haag picks up a BMW i8

Some of you might know of Matthew Haag a.k.a “OpTic NaDeSHoT”, and for those who don’t, just know that he is a Professional Gamer. That’s right, he basically plays video games for a living and happens to be doing quite well at it. So well that he recently bought a new white BMW i8. An appropriately futuristic car for a guy who is clearly ahead of his time.

Matthew Haag nadeshot BMW i8 nadeshot Matthew Haag BMW i8

Photos (@nadeshot)

Jeffree Star’s Pink BMWs

Jeffree Star is a singer, make-up artist, fashion designer, gender-bending model, and of course lover of all things pink. With both a BMW Z4 and BMW i8 in the garage, his extremely eccentric style and persona has clearly been working for him. We applaud his success, but seriously hope this all-pink-everything trend doesn’t spread to any more cars!

Jeffree Star BMW i8 Z4 Jeffree Star BMW Z4

Source (@jeffreestar)

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